Status: Build: chubby
Currently: singleEyes:
Height: Ethnicity:
Hair: HIV: negative
Sexually: versatile Body art:
Looking for: friends, email/chat

Age: between 18 and 99
His build: heavy set, chubby, no preference
Sexually: ask me
Looking for: ask me
What up guys, wanna chat..

****Ok. THERE'S ONE THING I DO NOT TOLERATE IS PEOPLE JUDGING ME OR OTHERS...BE POLITE AND TREAT OTHERS AS U WOULD WANT to be TREATED..IT IS PRETTY SAD THAT SOME OF YOU JUDGE ME BY MY AGE OR HOW I LOOK, ITS THOSE PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE PROBLEMS.. ******(it is also pretty sad that some of the chat room people have no manners, like not answering you back when leaving a message).(I always return emails) .So with that being said, if you are one of those people I described above that are so into yourselves----- you can now just leave my profile or keep reading it--- other than that I am very easy to get along with..I am single looking for guys for friends, chat and tradin pics if u r into it..and see where it goes from there, go ahead and send to ....ask me for skype.. Take care all you cuties out there.. *****Oh and I really don't care how u look like (ex )..skinny or beefy or chunky and overweight , thats all outside stuff, what really matters is personality, humor and compassion for each other.I DO NOT DO DRUGS(ex, marijuana or cocaine and of the like) nor do I drink..drinking while socializing every so often is ok... But drugs are out of the question....ok with that said, talk at ya laters.


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