19 from DENVER, CO, USA

Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: blue
Height: 6ft. 2 in.Ethnicity: White
Hair: brownHIV: negative
Sexually: a bottom Body art: none
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, hookup/sex

Age: between 18 and 25
His build: average, athletic
Sexually: top
Looking for: friends, email/chat, hookup/sex, love/ relationship, a date
Reppin more colors than a skittles bag )
wats goin on snatch crackers gene's the name and bein rad is my game :) i want to change my middle name to random! im a quirky broke 18yo college student who's down to have a good time. a few of my interests include jammin out to old tunes, runnin, picking my nose(is that an interest? ~_~ ), goin out to eat!(when im not buyin of course...duh), booty poppin when people aren't lookin(this ones the honest to god truth. if only i had an Ass then we'd be in business), smokin hookah with friends, watchin humorous tv shows(i like to keep it light hearted ya know). here's a little more about myself<--(ugh sounds so conceited for some reason). i went to state for track all four years of high school. also in high school i won prettiest eyes and the raddest gay guy award :) (which award is fact and which is fiction? hmmm i dunno). ok im bored of makin this. later gators!

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