Status: Build: slim
Currently: with someone specialEyes: brown
Height: 5ft. 6 in.Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
Hair: blackHIV: negative
Sexually: a top, versatile Body art: piercings (ears), tattoos
Looking for: friends

Age: between 18 and 26
His build: average
Sexually: bottom, versatile
Looking for: friends
For starters I'm grown so you should be as well.

Names Duy Derrick I was born on August 15th and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I currently live in Houston, Texas. I have previously lived in Grand Prarie/Dallas/Austin, TX & North Carolina. I am a former Photographer, Bartender, Bouncer & Web/Graphics Designer.I now run a Game Room and no I don't mean like an Arcade. I still bartend on special occasions and do photography & graphics on my spare time.

I am a full time Workaholic part time Alcoholic just kidding...Okay maybe not. I enjoy Movies, Art, Shopping, Music, Fashion, Dining out, Gaming, Cooking & DRINKING.

I don't take no shit and I'm not your typical gay guy I'm far beyond it I have a personality & style of my own. My tattoos describe me and tell my life's story from past to present. I've made my fair share of mistakes in life but it has made me who I am today and I live with no regrets. I am not perfect but who really is ? Any other questions just ask.

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