Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: blue
Height: 6ft. 1 in.Ethnicity: White
Hair: blondHIV: negative
Sexually: a top, versatile Body art: none
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, ask me

Age: between 18 and 27
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: top, bottom, versatile
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date
Hey fellas! Any Tennis/Golf players?!
Hey, guys! Recent college grad from a large university (our football program is better than yours) who's just looking to make some new friends. Big tennis and golf guy here, and I could really use someone to go out and play with me! Not a huge "hook-up" kinda' guy, so if that's what you're looking for, I'm sure you can find someone in Dupont that'll float your horny, little boat. I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to message me. Note: Messaging me does not entitle you to a trip to my bed sheets.

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