44 from OSAGE, IA, USA

Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: other
Height: 5ft. 9 in.Ethnicity: White
Hair: brownHIV: negative
Sexually: versatile Body art: tattoos
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, hookup/sex, ask me

Age: between 18 and 99
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: top, bottom, versatile, ask me
Looking for: friends, email/chat, hookup/sex, love/ relationship, a date, not looking, ask me
All Amereican Guy Next Door, Masculine, Low Mainte
I'm 5'9", 178lbs. A Midwest guy, Kind of old fashion. Clean-Std free and neg,,In good shape and only getting better, great disposition, always smiling , contagious laugh, energetic & frisky and cuddly - Adventuresome. I just underwent a reality check and have made the necessary adjustments. Now, BRING IT ON! I try something new as often as I can. I'm attracted to MASCULINE sexy men. I'm not into the quick hook-up. I'm one of those guys who likes to grab a beer dinner or movie and feel a connection before the clothes come off. *wink* It's more about quality vs. quantity for me. I have a soft spot for a jeans and t-shirt type of guys Photo
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and Video Hosting at Photobucket Are you man enough to keep my attention? Can you keep up? Do you like the outdoors , good friends, good music, good food .Can you be romantic, spontaneous , dance until the cows come home? Can you hike, camp, snow ski ,water ski, snowmobile? Do you know how to use a hammer or which end of a wrench to use? After a hard day of work or play. Can you cuddle up by the fire, trade massages, watch a movie, or take a walk along the beach and just let the world slip by? Photo
Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Who I'd like to meet: I've had one really awesome loving relationship in the past and looking for the same. I guess I've realized enough to know that for something to work long term, which is what I'm looking for (though friends are GREAT too) you have to be pretty outgoing and just a fun cool person to go off and do cool exciting new stuff with. I want to just take off on a Friday night with a tent and a map, find somewhere under the stars to talk, cuddle and then see if our sleeping bags are the right size to zip together... I want to go snowboarding with you the first day it snows. I want to go to a fancy restaurant and not feel self conscious about being with someone else who 'just happens to be gay', but i want to be able to give you a kiss and not feel like everyone is watching... even if they re, who cares I want to be your best friend but not your only friend... I want to call you at night and ask you how your day was.... I want to watch dumb movies with you that make us both laugh... I want to watch movies that make us cry.... I want to be able to introduce you to my mother (urm-ok well that'll come later I guess!!).... I want to think about you when I go to sleep and remember you when I wake up.... I want to complement our relationship with physical things but i don't want that to be everything... and I want to dance the night away with you or just read a book cuddled up in bed... I want you to make me laugh and i want to make you happy ... I hope to hear from you soon and if we're not right for each other I wish you all the best finding Mr or Mrs right.... :-

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