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Age: between 18 and 99
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MTV Angel
Hey everyone thanks for visiting my personal space on Just Guys. Some of you might have seen me around Hollywood, Orange County or San Diego, I love going out and living my life to the fullest. I love going to the beach and just sitting near the water and just hearing the different sounds of nature, the beach is actually one of my favorite places to go, it helps me relax, ponder ideas and get things off my back. I enjoy going to the movies and chilling with a friend, its somewhere I can escape from what is going on. I dont mess with anyone or start drama and dont like to associate with people that do or that are involved with that stuff. I do have goals and have accomplished some of them already. There is a couple people I look up to, I look up to my parents, both of my beautiful, outrageously hot sisters, and very close intimate friends. I love meeting new people that are kewl, full of life, chill and have goals in life.

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