Status: Build: slim
Currently: singleEyes: brown
Height: 6ft. 1 in.Ethnicity: Latino
Hair: blackHIV: negative
Sexually: versatile Body art: piercings (elsewhere)
Looking for: friends, love/ relationship, a date, hookup/sex, ask me

Age: between 18 and 30
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: versatile
Looking for: friends, hookup/sex, love/ relationship, a date
New to this.
Jesus Sanchez, but known as that remix of it...ELMO. He's sinqle and he will stay like that as long as he find the right person. Im down to earth, likes to chillax with his friends and new people or whatever. If yu dont like him he dont' care. Elmo lives in Houston, Texas only good place to be as he sees it. Knows his way around the city. Loves to party and he loves to lauqh more than he breathes air with his friends, he has an attitude so dont get on his nerves. He hates drama and doesn't take shit from None. Check yo mouth before you start runnin it get your facts straiqht. He loves music & he loves to sing & dance.

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