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hey guys

just a normal guy here. I love meeting new people...i'm a little shy at first but oncce you get to know me i can get pretty crazy. I like to read, draw, watch movies, and pretty much just have fun. I'm in university currently going for a linguistics degree. I LOVE LANGUAGES! i'm studying spanish and chinese (mandarin) right now and learning Brazilian Portuguese in my spare time...so if there's anyone that speaks any of those languages if you could help me out that'd be awesome! Lol, and just to clear this up...i'm not Latino...i get that alot. I'm actually half native american and half white.

One more thing i feel i must add on here...since i've been having some trouble with this lately...Please if you are needy or clingy don't talk with me...i don't have the energy to constantly comfort someone or be with them 24/7. I'm sorry but people like that get on my nerves big time...so please don't bother to talk with me if you're like that


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