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Back in huntsville. Looking for fun and new friends!

 Sometimes it takes a little more effort for me climb out of my proverbial shell...but once I do there is no holding me back.I know what I want, and generally do not see the words "no," "can't," "unable to," or "won't" as acceptable answers.A few words on what I am looking for from this site:1. Genuine, Honest, Down-to-Earth friends.If there is one thing that I absolutely disdain it is people who are for lack of a better term "fake." I cannot stand people who only make small talk. To me, small talk is the number one insult to your god-given gift of speech.For all of the good small talk does, you might as well be grunting at each other in a mosquito ridden rain forest, arguing over who gets to eat the last grub. 2. Real men! If I wanted to date prissy women I would be straight. (so facial hair and body hair are not deal breakers, although appropriate grooming is appreciated)3. Someone who will let me be me....So just let me know if you need any more information...


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