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I entertain Asians only.

I perceived myself as...the monster instructor. I love teaching, that is my passion, my vocation. I am aiming for something that is enduring, to value lasting learning and influence others forever...however, I am not humane, I love terrorizing students since I do believe, if there are pressured and scared, people will do act accordingly....the devil criticizer. I love watching the frown faces of the participants whenever I condemn their lousy performance....the voyeur. God, time will halt whenever I see a good-looking man who exhibits his genitals either accidental or intentional....addicted in smoking. I felt that I will die if I can't take at least one stick in a day. Smoking as for me is not a vice, it's a vitamin that provides me lots of brilliant ideas if my brain becomes vacuous....a movie buff. Watching movies would lead me to different eras and culture. Even this is stupidity, but I do pretend that I am part of the cast who has a vital role however, the reason why they can't communicate with me since I am invisible....a linguist crank. I know the grammar rules but I can't follow it because my tabula rasa is incompetent. I love phonetics but not speaking. I love syntax but not writing. I love communicating but not discourse analysis....the dark goul. Black makes myself perfect in any aspect in my life, either beliefs and fashion.

Going to Kabacan, North Cotabatoevery weekdays to MAKE MONEY and EARN UNITS
Eating lots of food, patil if I don’t have money
Going to the movies
Watching M2M DVDs
Meeting people
Mating strangers, good-looking men
Spending time on Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, Myspace, Tagged, Planetromeo, Hi5, Twitter, Plurk, JustGuy
Listening to Music

See? My life sucks!


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