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WhY yES, I aM A MoDEL!

Alright time for an update on this thing haven't updated it since last summer I think. But anyway I consider myself an awesome guy to get to know. I can be real random sometimes but who isnt right....if you aren't your probably boring. Some people..mainly people I work with insist on thinking I'm a bitch...I have no clue where they get that. I work a lot and my job is basically my life. I wouldn't mind changing that but so far nothing good has come along so I'm just stickin to making money as my past-time. I love clothes and fashion hopefully one day I wanna move to NYC and work in the fashion industry. And no, just because I love fashion doesn't mean I'm a flamer. I dont consider myself a flamer I would put myself in the middle of the gay spectrum...I'm not a jock nor a fairy princess I'm just me! So thats just a lil about me...if ya wanna know more I would love to hear from you... I love getting messages or comments so keep them comin!


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