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Seeking my knight...

***NOTE:  If you just add me as a friend without trying to chat with me, you will be denied.  I only add people who I talk with and seems like we have at least one common interest***

If you really want to know, why don't you ask me and we can start to get to know each other! Just trying to fit in here and find my niche.

Let's face it: I'm so imperfect and flawed, so self-conscious and shy, so naive that I fall in love way too easily, that I will probably turn you away.  I have no confidence, dart my eyes and panic all day long, and find myself constantly crying myself to sleep imagining my pillow is the chest of the man of my dreams.

So let's face it, don't we all have those moments?  Don't we all know deep down inside that we all do the same thing and believe the same things about ourselves?  That's why we end up taking it out on people lower than our league, never reaching for above our league and potentially building up those below, equal, or above ourselves.  There shouldn't be a totem pole, but it seems to be human nature.  So let's drop the trash and just be honest.

The truth:
  • I have a sarcastic and naughty sense of humor. 
  • I am shy at first, and I don't like making the first move!  
  • I am discreet, but will unlock if you ask politely.
  • I'm really looking for my future: a boyfriend-to-husband relationship traveling the globe becoming wealthy and successful in my dreams and overall, well achieving my dreams.
  • I am passionate about where I'm going in life and what I want to do with my life... either move out of the way or jump on board and enjoy the exhilarating journey!

The Reality:
  • I'm open to ideas for a relationship until my true prince decides to find me.
  • My blunt honesty, loyalty, romanticism, and ability to hope seems to be a turn off to the cliche cliques of the world of gay and bisexual men.
  • I'm learning about who I am as an individual as I go along this road of life.  This tends to mean I keep making mistakes hell, probably the same mistakes... inner education is the only way I will find myself.
  • My shyness has caused me to lose many people in my life.  Only my true friends (and potential true love) will know that chasing after me or running alongside me is the best way to eventually help me get my bearings.
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So with all this... it gives you quite a vague but long idea of what I offer... if you really want to get to know me try chatting me up.  I might be shy, but if you catch my eye or make me smile, I warm up enough to try and converse back.


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