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sup dudes

Well first of all i don't want any fuckin old pervs messaging me. Ifthere's one thing i'm sick of...... it's old pervs. So yeah now thatthat's out of the way... haha, I'm Mike. I'm pretty much awesome... jk,no really i am! I love hangin out with friends, chillin that kindastuff. although I rarely ever get to do that shit cuz i work all thefuckin time. fml. oh well life goes on. I am very ambitious and wouldhave to say that my life and career come before any relationship....selfish i know right? not really. i believe that in order to makesomeone else truly happy you must be happy with yourself, and with me?I have to be going somewhere with my life in order to be happy. I am adance/trance music producer and would love for that to be my career,although i'm also really into a lot of underground breakbeat hip-hopkinda shit. I'm sure you've noticed by now that music is pretty much mylife. well it is. so get used to it lol.

Music, Chillin, Running, Airsoft, Hangin Out With Friends, Red Bull, Late Nights In The Studio, City Life, Skateboarding, Hittin the Gym, HOT Cars, Playin Basketball, Hittin the NY club scene.

You will see me top the dance music charts within the next 5-10 years.

There is no secret to success. It is 110% Determination. If you don't have it, you won't succeed. Ihave it.


I'm looking for number one someone who is ambitious and is notco-dependent. age? prob about 17-24. I want someone who can love asmuch as i do and understands that despite popular belief..... it's notall about sex. i want someone who cares about themselves, and theirbody. I really dig the bad ass skater punk kinda dudes. I do have acouple of really fuckin weird fetishes but lets not mention that quiteyet haha. So long story short i want a hot, ambitious, loving, badassguy that shares some of my interests and will take both our lives to the next level.


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