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  Quiz: What will your dream boyfriend be like? (For Gay Guys)
Will he be a rockstar, a businessman, a firefighter, a sexy blond, a wrestler, or a surfer?
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  1.You prefer guys with
  Dark hair, light colored eyes.
  Blond hair and light colored eyes.
  Dark hair and dark eyes
  Blond hair and dark eyes
  2. What is your favorite feature in a guy?
  His butt His dimples
  His package His personality
  His smile His legs
  3. Which TV show do you watch most?
  Desperate Housewives
  American Idol
  Anything sports related
  4. Which actor do you prefer?
  Brad Pitt
  Orlando Bloom
  Vin Deisel
  Leonardo DiCaprio
  George Clooney
  5. What body type are you most attracted to?
    A little definition
    Mr. Universe
  6. Choose your favorite line of clothing?
  Abercrombie and Fitch
  J. Crew
  7. In a relationship, you describe yourself as...
  Controlling and dominating
  Submissive and looking to please
  It depends on my mood
  You scratch my back I'll scratch yours.
  Never been in a relationship

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