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  Quiz: What Kind of Gay Guy Are You?
Are you committed, horny, fashionable, flirty, a jock or romantic?
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  1.Which of the following best describes you?
  Outgoing, extroverted, fun loving, popular.
  Shy, introverted, lovable, trusting.
  Crazy, flamboyant, loud, likes partying.
  2. What is your favorite color?
  Blue Green
  Red Black
  Yellow White
  Pink Anything that glitters
  3. How do you dress?
  Boy Next Door
  Dressy, like a model
  4. How do you style your hair?
  Nothing really, just a comb and maybe some gel.
  Hey, whatever looks good!
  I shampoo it everyday, DONT FORGET CONDITIONER, I style it with gel, and I have highlights done every couple of weeks.
  I don't care, the guy I'm doing tonight will probably mess it up anyway.
  5. Your idea of a perfect evening?
    Shopping at the mall
    Watching the game
    In bed with a trick
    Anything with my boyfriend
    Partying and having some drinks
  6. You are currently dating a guy, but you find another guy you are attracted to. What would you do?
  Have sex with both at the same time!
  Have sex with the new guy often and keep it from your boy.
  Forget him, you want to be with YOUR boy.
  I wouldn't fuck either of them.
  I probably wouldn't fuck him, just feel him around all night.
  7. How often do you go to the club or just out?
  Once or twice is enough.
  Maybe three times.
  Whenever theres a party with one of my good friends.
  Hah! I have a frequent club card!
  8. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
  Yes, once, it was an accident
  A couple of times
  more times than I can remember
  never had a boyfriend
  9. How many guys have you had sex with in the past year?
    Over 50  
    I'm a virgin  

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