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i am me :)

^.^ Ello guys. My name is Anthony. I'm basically a 19 year old college dude, I like helping the world each day, its juss who I am. Raving is my anti drug even though I have yet to find an actual venue lol. I love neon colors!!! I usually wear all black, but I'm starting to broaden my horizons. I have a passion for acting, and I love to play guitar, drum, and sing. I am simple and somewhat classy, I would pick a picnic date before a five star restaurant anyday, I'm juss me :) I recently graduated and i'm attending college as a psychology major..so anywho im just looking for friends to chill with and to talk to but just to be clear I treat everyone the same, I don't believe in judging through image, I mean sure the attraction is important, but so is the person inside, if u respect me, I will respect u. so if u want to know anything else just askBtw my weakness is being a hopeless romantic lol so plz don't mess with my heart because I hgate dealing with FAKE ppl


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