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hi how are you

wish of the boy

People think my life is simple and just walk by
Never knowing how much i wish to fly
To sore into that open sky
To fly so many miles high
To feel myself walking on air
...To hide any kind of dispare
Ahh the wish's of a teenage boy
Wishing to be more then some forgotten toy
Wanting to open his heart to see
All the good things he one day will be

one of the best poems ive written and one that discribes me well

 Rising storm

dont wanna listen
well i wont speak

wont hear me out
well i'm at my peak

anger is rising
the calm is gone

red eyed horizen
and blue eyed dawn

misinterpret me
its your loss

misjudge me
your not my boss

wanna get along now
well its to late

wanna hear me out now
well i wont clear the plate

you wanna hear me
then listen close

get out of my life
enless your willing to learn

glass is shattered
the mask is gone

no longer is a happy face
in my dawn

anger is here
but dont get me wrong

its not all your fault
but you egged it on





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