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Whats up guys

What can I say here that anyone that has met me does not already know? I am hard working, passionate about my career and consider myself to be very good at what I do. But the measurement of how good I am is not by me, but by the successes and recovery from failures I have had. I love my friends, as much as I love myself. My friends and relationships are different and non-traditional. My heart is wide, I have the "lost puppy" syndrome. I like to help all the strays I encounter. I believe in myself and my ability to change for the better. I always look to be better and greater than I was yesterday. So, fasten your seat belts, hanging with me is a ride. I believe in the trusting people first and letting them show me why I should not. And, I forgive and move on, but I rarely look back. I have made my own path, and worked hard for it. No one, no one, has ever handed me anything for free. I have worked to demonstrate my abilities and show that I can be more than myself or the sum of all things around me. If I can help my friends feel loved and fill their lives with someone they can count on and trust, then I am happy. hope to talk to yall soonjosh


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