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romance and passion

ok first i am GAY!!!!!!!my natural hair color is dark brown. but i wanted to put some color in it. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM WHAT TO TELL ok here it goes i love being called kit.I like talking to people if i am not logged on to this site u can chat with me on AOL my screen name is dnyd4 my yahoo is dannyalvarado0. I am outgoing kind and a good listener and can be a good friend. other than that i am a nice person who wants someone to love and love them back and who understands me and who i can understand and someone who i can understand i am not looking for people who are ashamed of who they are in my mind everyone should be proud
What type of homo are you?

Your the boy next door. Cute and charming, you have a great smile and you're very light-hearted. Although your tender nature threatens others due to their inability to care, you always do what's right no matter what people say or do. Not to mention, you're screwin the stud next door.
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What type of gay guy are you?

You are the romantic type! You fall for candlelight dinners and sunsets on the beach. You love gazing into your BF's eyes when you make love.
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What will your dream boyfriend be like?

Your dream boyfriend will be a surfer. He'll be tanned, toned and laid back. This outdoorsy type is free spirited and lets it all hang out. His passion for surfing keeps him in perfect shape for riding the waves, or riding you!
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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF - The survey for gay guys
What do you consider yourself?Gay
How old are you?23
Do you currently have a boyfriend?Yes
Are you a top or a bottom?Versatile
Have you ever had oral sex?Yes
Are you out?Yes
How many sexual partners have you had?6-20
Are you cut?Yes
Do you have any tattoos? None
Do you have any piercings? None
What kind of underwear do you wear?Commando
Have you ever had sex in a public place?Yes
What gets you off the fastest?Intercourse
Do you like to watch porn?Yes
Have you ever had group sex?No
How big are you?Around 6 inches
What's your favorite sexual position?All of them
Do you have any naked pictures of yourself?No
At what age did you loose your virginity? 21
How often do you masterbate?Whenever I can
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low medhighexpert
Sexual Experience
Sex Drive
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What is Your Personality Profile?
You are an Artist! Artists are warmhearted, gentle people who take their commitments seriously and seek lifelong partnerships. They are very private people, and keep their true feelings and opinions reserved or hidden from others. This may cause them to constantly defer to their partner in their intimate relationships, which may cause problems if their partners are not extremely aware of the artist's feelings. Some artists who are in the habit of not expressing their needs and feelings find themselves in situations where they feel overshadowed, or overlooked by others. Highly practical and cynical by nature, these feelings may cause the artist to become bitter, and to give up on their relationships, or to start using their relationship for their own personal gain. Although this problem is observed sometimes in the artist type, it does not seem to be present in those artists who consistently express their feelings with those closest to them. These artists have a very positive, warm outlook on life and love, and are not likely to find themselves in relationships where they are taken for granted or taken advantage of. Artists go to great lengths to please their partners. They're very loyal and supportive, with a large capacity for love. They hate conflict and discord, and highly value being seen and understood for who they are. They need space to live their lives in their unique way, and will respect other's need for space aswell. They are naturally compatible with: givers and caregivers.
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You scored as The all-round cute gay guy, YOu are a cute guy who many would die to be with..........lucky!!

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The all-round cute gay guy

Straight Acting

S + M guy

A Big Bear


Raging Queer

Straight Queer Basher

What type of Gay are YOU?
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