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I am here t0 make friends with everyone. I do not do drugs, I do not drink alcohol, and I do not smoke tobacco products.

As I said I am here to make friends I do not do the cam thing so please don't ask or I delete you.

I am an easy going person who loves life and what all it has to offer. I do not like to be around negative people nor people who has nothing good to say about anyone or any subject.


I am 28 years old and a dad of 3 wonderful children. I just sold the orphanage. I got out of it due to all the government and its politics in running one now. I am currently buying a building and going to open a day care center, well I am going to do a chain of them. My dad was a full bird colonel in the US Army his helicopter was shot down in Iraq so I lost him at a early age in my life. I had a real hard time dealing with the death of my dad for he was my best friend.  Then came April 27, 2006. I lost my mom and my sister to a drunken driver. I knew my life was over with at this time because I had no one to live for at this time. I was all one in this world and I had no purpose to live on. But as time moved on I was so alone and I then was given my inheritance. So I took it and I decided to buy into this orphanage. And now till this day I am so glad I did so because they have become the love of my life. It is such a joy to watch each day all these kids to be able to grow and nurture in all of life's love that it has to offer them.

I teach these kids to be who you are and not worry about what any one else has to say about them. I teach them to not pretend to be any one else. We all have one chance in this life to be who we are and why be unhappy to be anyone but who we are.

My motto to everyone in life is: Look into the future, see what life has for you, for only you can make a difference in your life and how it will be and how you retain life. (Alan Else)

I can be reached on skype: alan.else1

< p>yahoo:   ..  FB:   alan82190

I look forward to making good friends peace to you all!!




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