JustGuys is the largest gay social network for men. The site has become the most popular way for young gay men to chat and interact online. Some of the key features of the site include:

  • Custom profiles capable of playing music and multimedia such as Youtube™.
  • Chat rooms and instant messaging.
  • Building a network of friends and favorites, and sharing instant bulletins and comments with them.
  • Nightlife and happenings in over 20 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Most of our users are 18-24 years old, frequent Myspace™, Facebook™, and enjoy listening to music and shopping. Over 90% of our visitors access the site from the United States.

JustGuys has ranked in the Top 10 Gay/Lesbian websites for the last 5 quarters and receives over 70,000 visits per day, over 1 million per month.

Our Commitment to Quality Content and Editorial Standards:

Our staff thoroughly reviews all content uploaded to JustGuys. We can assure our advertisers that their ads will not appear on any page containing nudity, pornography or other unacceptable content. Our commitment to our advertisers is:

  • No pornographic or other unacceptable material including produced or member-generated adult images or text on any pages that will host your ads.
  • Profiles cannot contain information that may constitute libel, defamation, infringement or otherwise violate the privacy, publicity or other rights of a third party.
  • Click here for our complete terms of service.

About Us:

Justguys is managed by Century Media Group, Inc. out of San Diego, California. Century Media Group, Inc. manages a host of GLBT websites that currently receive over 6.5 million hits per day. We offer competitively priced ad space, available on a CPM basis. We accept banners of the following sizes:

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  • 468x60 (small horizontal banner)
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