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Lets play!!

Hello veiwers,my name is Chip,im 19 years old . Well to start things off ,im gay,kinda shy,i live in Plant city Florida(Tampa). Im a really nice guy. I can be very charming. when it comes to boys,i like white guys.Love chinesefood,white tigers,parties,clubbing,and just having a great time. I hate being bored, id rather be outside having a great time in the beauty of nature. Being locked up inside all the time just takes ur life away. So there for lakes,ponds,rivers,mountains,any thing that is just great to look at and enjoy is all for me. I love takeing pictures it can be of Me and my surroundings,or in my undies *im wanting to model underware* I have myspace,facebook,aim,yahoo,msn and u can also follow me on twitter.If u live close by just Halla,mybe we can chill and do stuff. (hit me up,i love making freinds)


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