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Heyyy :D

(First things first if u don't like reading or feel like reading my profile is not for you lol)

I'm Micah.

just turned 20 in March, and i graduated highschool in 2011

I'm a Paranormal M/M Romance author, and work my ass off to do the best at it.

• I'm a sweetheart, i have always been a kind hearted person. i'm either loved or hated.

• I have alot of love to give, but I need to find the right person to give it to.

• I have been hurt alot, I have trust issues, and i have a hard time letting people in.

• I'm very very easy to get along with, and I have a great sense of humor.

• If something is said and i dont like it, or if someone says something i disagree I will always say what i have to say streaight up i do not sugar coat things.

• I have a pretty bad temper and mouth BUT it takes alot for them to come out.

• I'm down to earth, and layed back.

• I look for personalities in a guy, if they have a nice body and good looks that is just a bonus to me. i don't judge.

• I love kids! I eventually want two of my own when i find Mr.Right and settle down and eventually i want to get married.

• I am one of those people that fall going up stairs, i laugh at myself ALOT, and I i laugh at others if they fall or something as long as they aren't really hurt bad.

••• If you have any question feel free to ask away!! I am an open book! •••

Also.. do not question me. its the easiest way to piss me off. and if say i dont want to do something or don't do something then leave it alone.
What i'm doing with my life:
At the moment i am working full time at walmart as a cashier i love my job i make a decent amount of money, and im just glad i have a job.
First thing people notice about me:
they notice my smile, and how much of a sweetheart and how nice i am. they also notice my eyes
My favorites:
music wise i will listen to anything, tv whatever is on that seems interesting, movies anything horror or comedy, food anything that is not spicy, or that is fish
You should message me if:
If you are a nice guy and want to get to know me better i'm a genuine sweetheart and can basically talk about anything :]. if u are a selfish asshole do not bother talking to me. i don't have time for that..
my major turn offs, Piercings of the nipples, mouth, nose, and below the waist.



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