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Don't be shy, Say Hii! =)

Sweet! plenty of room to talk about ME!!... kidding, Umm... well... I love movies, I like watching any movie... horror makes me jump, suspense makes my toes curl, sad movies makes me cry, romance makes me go "Awwe" and make me wish I met someone like that, then daydream all day the next day about the kind of guy in that movie so beware lol I like nature but don't like bugs or reptiles...
I sing but don't sound good, I dance but I look crazy lol I like listening to music, my earphones are usually in my ears, so I'm pretty much look like a snob when I'm out and about but I'm really listening to music, I like Dance & Techno... I also sometimes sing along to my favourite songs
, so if you think you hear something horrible while playing music out loud that's me singing along lol
I like shopping, my style: skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, converse shoes and a hoodie with big ass sunglasses ^_^ I don't like wearing anything baggy, I don't have any piercings anymore, no tattoos (too scared) lol I used to wear bracelets, rings and necklaces but I kept losing them...
I'm pretty clumsy, silent/awkward, I don't like to smile but I do anyway... Hmm... okay I think that's it... want to know more about me, ask me anything =)


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