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Living In A Hetero World, But Im A Homosexual Guy

Whats Up Dudes?! My Names Dan, But All My Friends Call Me EnDymion, EnDy, Or Dymion [(Pronounced Damion). (Getting To Have That Nickname Is A Long Story In Itself. If You Really Want To Know How I Got It, All You've Got To Do Is Ask)]. Im A Spanish/German/Irish Dude (Fathers Side Is Spanish, Mothers Side Is German And Irish) 5'9", Brn Hair (With Highlights Of Course)/Brn Eyes, 185lbs, Medium Complextion, Average Build, Laid Back, Down To Earth, Masculine, Str8 Acting/Appearing, And Drama Free (OK, To Be Totally Honest, Only About 98%. There's Always Family Members And/Or A Few Friends Who INSIST On Dragging Me Into Their Shit). I Have Come To Know Myself And To Understand Who I Am And I Am Very Comfortable In My Own Skin. Im A Free Spirit And I Have A Great Sense Of Humour. I Love To Make My Friends Laugh And Im Not Afraid To Make A Fool Out Of Myself. Ive Got A Couple Of Tats On My Back And Piercings On My Right Nipple, Lip, Tounge, And My Left Eyebrow. Been Living In San Diego (Born And Raised). I Love The Ocean, The Beach, And/Or Anything Ocean/Water Related, And Im Up For Anything. Im Always Looking For Something New And/Or Interesting To Do Or Try. I Find Aussie Men, Eastern European Men, Scandinavian Men, Russian Men, Men With Exotic Accents (I.E., Australian, Russian, Irish, British), And Gay Twin Brothers EXTREMELY HOT (Tim And Matt, Chris And Micheal, And Tommy And Mike). Blonds And Red Heads Are An EXTREME Turn On For Me. Uncut Cocks Are Also A HUGE Plus++ (But Not A Must). I, Myself, Am More Of A Butt Guy. Another BIG Turn On Is Guys With Tattoos And Piercings. The Only Turn Offs I Really Have Are Really Flambouyant, Queeny, Fems, And Emo Guys. I Just Dont Get It. But Each To Their Own. Other Then That, Everything Else Is Fair Game. One Thing That I Should Throw Out There Is That Once Im With That Special Someone, I Am Committed And Faithful To That ONE Person (Unless, Of Course, They're Twins). But For Right Now, Im Not looking For Anything Perticular Or Specific, Except For A Friend Or Two, So Whatever Happens, Happens. But If Something Does Come About, Even Better. If You Want To Know Anything Else, All You Got To Do Is Hit Me Up. Laters.
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What type of gay guy are you?

You are the committed type! You like to have one boy and you don't want to share him. You don't need anyone else but him. You're into fucking him every night and no one else.
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What will your dream boyfriend be like?

Your dream boyfriend will be a sexy blond. This sex god is worshiped by many, but just wants to be yours and make you happy. He'll keep you drooling over his perfect body and he can't get enough sex!
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TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF - The survey for gay guys
What do you consider yourself?Gay
How old are you?28
Do you currently have a boyfriend?Yes
Are you a top or a bottom?Versatile
Have you ever had oral sex?Yes
Are you out?Yes
How many sexual partners have you had?1-5
Are you cut?Yes
Do you have any tattoos? 1-2, For Now
Do you have any piercings? Yes, 3
What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers Or Boxer Briefs
Have you ever had sex in a public place?Yes
What gets you off the fastest?Sex
Do you like to watch porn?Yes
Have you ever had group sex?A Couple Times
How big are you?Around 6-7 Inches
What's your favorite sexual position?All Of Them
Do you have any naked pictures of yourself?Yes
At what age did you loose your virginity? 13
How often do you masterbate?Whenever I Can
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R U a virgin???Nope
Condoms or Raw fuck???Both
Face Fuck or T-Bag???Both
Do u swallow???Yes
Do u prefer to nutt in sum1, mouth, ass , or face??%2 53 F
Riding or Doggy Style???Both
Can u deep throat???Hell Yeah
Favorite place to fuck???Whenever, Wherever
At Work or Movies???Movies
Do u prefer hair or no hair???
Hairy chest or Bald???Hairy Chest
Ruff nigga or pretty boi???Pretty Boi
3 sum or 1 on 1???Both
Love or Hot sex???Both
Favorite Position???Any And All
Fuck or Get Fucked???Both
Gettin Head or Givin???Both
Black or Latino???Niether
Favorite Body Part???Eyes
Dick or ASS???ASS
In Pool or Jacuzzi???Pool
Fore play or str8 to it???Lots of Fore Play
Firm ass cheeks or nice soft ones???Both
Muscular or skinny???Both
Dark or light???Either
little skeet or alot???Alot
Freaky or conservitiveFreaky
would u ever eat a boi out????
Hott or cold???Hott
Moaning or quiet???Moaning

Jackin Off Survey
How many times a day do you jack off?
Do you use your right or left hand?
Ever do it with any friends?Sometimes
Ever jack another dude off?Yeah, Duh
Ever tasted your cum?Yeah
Do you have wet dreams ever?No
How big is your cock?Average
Are you cut or uncut?Cut
Does your cum shoot our or ooze?Depends
Wheres the weirdest place you ever jacked a t?On A Motorcycle On The Highyway
Ever jacked off outdoors? Where at?
Ever jacked at school?Um... Yes I Have
How old were u the first time u cummed?Around 12 Or 13
How did you learn how to jack off?
Do you get lots of precum when u are jackin off?Sometimes
Ever use anything for lube to jack with? Someones Elses Cum, Lube, Or Lotion
If you use lube what do you use?I.D.
Are you bi , gay , or str8?Gay
Ever been caught jackin off? If yes by wh o?No, Unless I Was Planning On Gettin Caught )
Ever made a video of you jackin off?
Ever jacked off on a webcam for someone?Yeah
Do you like a friend jack off an cum?
What do you usualy jack off to?Porn
Ever think about any of your friends when u jack off?
Is your cum thick or thin?Somewhere In The Middle, It Changes
Do you shoot your cum on ur stomach or into something?
Ever tried to suck your own cock? Can you ?No
Where do you jack off at most?In My Bedroom
Who would you want to see jack off the most ?Theres A Few People I Can Think Of

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