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Slut boy wants to serve a daddy

My name is Ethan and I live in perrysburg ohio with my homophobic mother at the age of 18 years old.I'm a kind and caring person with a big heart and a cuddly personality in my opinion. I'm looking to be swept off my feet by a daddy and to be romanced into something amazing like a long term relationship.I value honesty,trust and communication over anything else in a relationship. Dad/Son or not. I NEED these three things in a relationship no matter what and if you can't be honest with me,can't trust me and won't communicate with me then why bother?What I'm primarily looking for is a loving,sexy horny daddy (preferably a bear) to be with and hopefully move in with somewhere down the road.I hate flying because I've got a fear of heights and I'm not 'out' there like most guys are so please forgive me if I seem secretive or something.I cannot always be on this site 100% of the time due to my mother being nosy so if you'd like to talk to me please add my skype or send me an email and I'll try and get back to you.I'm a furry in the furry fandom (Feel free to ask me about this I will happily give an answer) I'm an overly shy person and I am secretive when it comes to my mother and I apologize for this.As for what I like to do with daddies,getting fucked by them,sucking and being a good boi as well as cuddling and just talking. I also LOVE guys with beards,I can't stress that enough.Just looking to serve a sexy horny hairy daddy right now.


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