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Cheers to you all. Let me know 'bout ya

Looking up for friends and up for some chatting. A bit busy sometimes, but once in a while I do manage how to get off the routine.

I listen to you, you listen to me, we understand each other, then we got a deal! Let's exchange our thoughts, our opinions, emotions or feelings... Just let it Flow, there will surely be some good chemistry out of this.

I'm very random, just what you'd expect from someone with ADHD and a few, yet strong, behavior disorders. Sometimes I think that either I'm too radical on my way of minding and doing things, or my family and most of the crowd are too conservative. Note that I said "radical in my way of minding and doing", instead of radical or different on the Ideas themselves.

I might take a ride on the bike down the street, I'd pick up a book (usually philosophy, politics or social-economy stuff) and read it, I'd do some DIY home improvement stuff (carpentry, plumbing, wiring, gardening), car mechanics, or I may even get geeky by doing some PC hacks and tweaks, or some analog electronics If i'm in the mood.

Maybe I'd do some sketching (not drawing) once in a while, or a bit of writing on my journal about whatever is going on my mind at the time. I'd get to play sports if I'm asked to, but don't expect me to be to be your great opponent or your first line choice because I'm not that agile as to be a sports freak...

As on the way I am, I guess you'd have figured it out how I'd look on an average day. I´d say I'm moody, impulsive, sometimes chaotic or exacervated, even obsessive, others I'm too quiet, sensible, observative, and analitic at a certain point. But, as I said, I'm pretty sure I look like an average joe.

Personally, I prefer to leave this kind of details by the side so I can focus on really knowing who you are. Concentrating too much on the details usually leads to prejudice. And prejudice, well, it is a biased judment. I believe that judging by reason, on its very own, is not enough to get to know who you are, and who the ones next to you are.

I don´t want to be naive or superficial since I expect the same from the ones I get to know. Although I have a hard time facing reality: Most people disguise themselves. So if I had to judge them, I´d be making a biased judment. Reason has to be concealed along with intuition and emotions, but each of them has to be present on its appropiate amount. This abilities, tools, graces, or however you want to call them, let us be who we are, who we want to be, and how we perceive reality -disguises and masks included.

And there's where we decide to either "take the challenge" of our lives, or to "take it easy". I take the challenge by getting to know how and when to use the tools and abilities I was granted with or I can take it easy by disguising myself, pretending that everithing is settled down, is ok, or assuming that everything is said.

So, how do you feel about it, how do you think about it, how do you do?

From Mexico with love, men Sergio.

Buscando hacer amigos y encontrar chavos con quien platicar. ¡Si eres de la uam-x es un mega plus! Algo ocupadón pero de cuando en cuando me las ingenio para darme mis escapadas.

Yo te escucho, tù me escuchas. Intercambiamos ideas, opiniones, emociones (¿xq no?), o sea buena química, y lo demás ira en automático. Todo en buen plan. El sex es bueno, pero las amistades y conocer gente nueva es aun mejor.

Saludos a toda la banda. Manden chat o mensaje, Sergio.


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