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HMU!!!! KISSES!!!!!!

Hi there my name is Robert, but everyone calls me Chip. I am an outgoing person but I am shy when first meeting people. I am fun, energetic and I have a kind loving heart. I love hanging out with my friends and having a nice fruity drink... no pun intended. I love me some Italian food, since I am Italian that would make sense lol. Although I am an energetic person, I also love to sit back, relax and watch a good movie. I am down to earth and I always want to try new things. My family goes to the LBI every year, and I love the beach, but then again who doesn't! I love to shop! I am looking to make friends here and hopeing that it goes somewhere more towards a relationship. I am a Libra, which means I am a person who always seeks balance and I don't like drama, I like to make everyone feel at ease. I like sports and I understand most sports, but I'd rather watch Golden Girls hehe! I have three dogs and a cat, so obivously I am a big animal person. My family means a lot to me, everything I do, I do for them. I have a big sister, she is the best! I work at CVS a couple days out of the week, help out my sister at her Pet Shop on Fridays, and I just got a job at ULTA as a hair designer. Now enough about me, let me tell you what kind of man i want. I may be young but I don't want a boy, I need a man. I don't like a man who needs to be a show off, just be your self. I need someone who is going to care about me and what i want, just like I would do for them. I don't ask for much, so if you are interested at all, HMU!!!! KISSES!!!!!!


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